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OOC (Out of Character) Thead; part 3

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  • OOC (Out of Character) Thead; part 3

    Figured the last OOC thread was getting kinda long, so I decided to create a new one....

    Hello one and all; I've had an insane week (as I'm sure all of you and all of the world for that matter) as my job (I'm a gov't contractor) continues to try and figure out exactly what their plans are in the midst of this crisis......for now, they've divided the work force in half and are having one half continue to work while the other half stays home for 2 weeks and then we're going to switch.....

    Of course, this is easy for the Gov't employees....for us contractors, they're still working out the details.....for the moment, I'm working the next two weeks....but that could change as early as needless to say, this week has been pretty crazy for me.

    I sincerely hope all of you are doing as well as can be hoped for as any event, I WILL be throwing up a first DL 7 IC post for this game this weekend along with adding some more info/background knowledge posts and if you can post a reply, great...but certainly, it's no big deal if not and my apologies for the delay!

    Stay safe and stay sane!

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    Insane week for real

    As a first responder. Some people have gone off the rails. Cases of have tripled in the 24 hours here Michigan. They are talking of atotal lockdown. Everyone be safe and take care of your family.


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      While I'm not in the same scenario as Max or Mark. I do work for a public school and they can't decide what to do with support staff. We've got the custodial staff disinfecting the place, and the kitchen staff isolating themselves in the cafeteria making meals that are being delivered "drive-thru" style and to bus stops. Then you have the principals one working in the school shorter hours than normal and the other from home the entire time. Front office is shorter hours and the two of them rotate out. All the students and teachers are at home only (except the ones that keep randomly coming in) then you have me IT onsite. But then randomly working from home one day and not the rest. Boards and supers don't appear to have clue what to do and my boss is just kinda at a loss like the rest of us.

      At any rate be safe everyone.
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        Man.....I'm sorry to hear that what you can to stay safe and stay sane out there!

        Okay, I just updated everyone's character sheets....everyone's back to full HPs; +10,000 xp for finishing last module means that Gilthanas gained a Fighter Level; he's now a Level 6 Fighter/Level 5 Magic user.....I rolled 1d5 (1d10/2) for HPs plus one for a CON 15 and only got 3 more HPs for you, sorry! He now has 34 HPs vice 31.

        Gerald also gained a Fighter Level, he's now a Level 6 fighter and I rolled a 6 +2 for CON 16 for 8 more HPs, he now was 47.

        Dram, Rose and Stefan: as soon as you can, let me know what spells you'd like your characters to have addition, Stefan; Vale's Ring of Spell Storing is now empty so you can fill its 5 spell slots however you like (i.e. choose 5 can do the same on more than once, you just take up that many slots...i.e. Magic Missile x2, Fireball, Sleep and Darkness 15' Radius would be one way to fill up the 5 slots)

        If anybody has any questions, let me know.


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          Okay, BIG data dumps on the 'Feal-Thas' Journal' thread......a lot of it is really only important as stuff to pass along to certain NPCs when you encounter them, but I wanted to give you all a bit of the 'Strategic Picture'.

          Please let me know if anyone has any questions/thoughts, thanks!


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            Memorized spells
            1st level
            Detect magic
            Burning hands
            Feather fall

            2nd level
            Mirror Image

            3rd level


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              Vale Memorized Spells and Ring of Spell Storing

              Ring of Spell Storing 5 slots: Magic Missile (cast at 3rd Level) x3, Fireball x2

              Memorized Spells:
              1st Level (5): Sleep x2, Magic Missile x2, Jump

              2nd Level (3): Invisibility, Levitate, Darkness 15' Radius

              3rd Level (2): Fireball x2


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                Stefan: Thanks amigo! Quick note; the Ring of Spell Storing was empty, so when you cast your spells to store in it, the spells will be at your currently level; so those magic missile spells are at 6th level of ability vice 3rd.....i.e. you've got 3 missiles coming out of it when you use it not 2, so whoo-hoo! :0

                Dram: thanks for the updated list of spells; if you've got a post to throw up before I update the game tonight/tomorrow, please feel free....if not, I'll have Gilthanas take the best action I can think of and hope it meets with your approval.....Rabid Dee, same-same.

                Thanks fellas and stay safe and sane out there!


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                  Ending the Game

                  Hey everyone! In case my reply didn't go through, I want to thank Maxvale for all of the fun playing this game. I had never played any of the modules and reliving the Chronicles in this way was certainly a blast! Thanks to everyone for their contributions and I would love to stay connected with any of you. I can be found on Facebook at Also, feel free to reach out at any time if you have a spot in a game that needs filled.