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    Footpads of Zoggiz

    Made from a strange material (synthetic rubber) unearthed during construction at Castle Baskraal, these footpads use a simple leather thong and lacing to secure them to the feet. They are springy and very comfortable to wear. They are treated as masterwork shoes and allow the wearer to add a +2 equipment bonus to acrobatics skill checks and stealth checks. 1/day the wearer can also take 10 on an Endurance check. A wearer of goblin blood can also invoke the ability to Vanish (as the spell, CL=HD, max CL 5) 2/day.

    These look like old flip-flops with an extra lace on the heel to wrap around the ankle to help hold them on the wearer.


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      Zig's Handtowel

      Known as the Drinker, and infamously undead, Zig carried a hand towel to wipe his hands as he was often violently disciplinary to his personal staff. The towel never stayed stained, seeming to absorb the blood wiped upon it. The towel is made of a finely woven linen, off-white in color and with a gold-thread trim. It allows the user to use Prestidigitation at will to clean, either it or objects it is used to clean. Anyone who commits cannibalism and uses the towel to clean one's self afterwards invokes it's ability to grant a +2 equipment bonus to saves vs disease and poison for 1 hour. In addition, any wielder with the ability to turn or command undead can do so as if they were one level higher.


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        Zagog's Hair Shirt

        Using the fur of three bugbear brothers who had challenged Zagog's rule in the days following Zagog's ritual consumption of his defeated father, Zagog fashioned this as a reminder to any others who might try to stand against him. The Hair Shirt acts as light armor (+3 Armor bonus, Max Dx+4, -1 Armor Check Penalty, 15% Spell Failure. Wearer's add +4 to CMD vs Grapple and Swallow Whole attempts, as the coarse hair is irritating. Goblin-blood wearers can invoke the Hair Shirt's Blessing (Barkskin, as the spell, CL=HD) 1/day). Zagog was a better general than his father, but not as good a warlord as his nephew. The Hair Shirt was passed over by Zozeg, given to his second-in-command. It became a symbol of the Champion of the Kingdom, rather than the King or Queen.
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          Zag's Helm

          The Destroyer was neither subtle nor charismatic. He led through fear rather than love, and ultimately this eroded his rule, the Kingdom itself, and, finally, goblin supremacy in the region. He was also a terrifying menace in combat, perhaps the most dangerous of all the dynasty. Zag never backed down from anyone, anywhere, ever. His foes slain in personal combat were legion. Zag's Helm he fashioned from the skull of a great forest bison. It grants it's wearer a +2 equipment bonus to CMD vs Overrun, Trip, Bullrush and Pull combat maneuvers. It gives the wearer a gore attack (secondary natural weapon, adding 1/2 Str bonus to dmg, does 1d6 dmg). Goblin-blood wearers can use the helm to avoid a deadly blow. 1/day the wearer can use Windy Escape (as the spell, CL=HD) save that rather than becoming windy and insubstantial, the Helm intercedes with a head butt to stimy the attack, granting DR 15/magic rather than the normal DR 10/magic.


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            Smiler, Master Trapsmith of the Kingdom of Zog

            Little is known of this black-skinned goblin before his rise to prominence near the end of the Kingdom's existence. He was from no clan, for by this time, clans were outlawed and tribes were disbanded. The Kingdom promoted a simple goblin hegemony, with allegiance to the Kingdom and no other entity. In theory the Kingdom was run this way but in practice it was still rife with hobgoblin warrior societies, bugbear terror cabals, goblin bands and general goblinoid warlords with personal power and entourages, some merely dozens of warriors personally sworn to their warlord. Smiler was a part of the entourage of the bugbear scout Vargz Vinxx, who served Zag the Destroyer as Chief Tracker and Slave-Taker. Once Zag had taken power, Smiler's skill in the trapmaker's arts surfaced and the barghest ruler set him to work. No documentation exists of how many structures Smiler worked in during construction or while being renovated, but his traps bore signature components and had similar themes: compounding, forced passage, cleverly-hidden safeties. Smiler used existing architecture to both hold and hide his traps, making them very difficult to find, and his trigger mechanisms were all hand-fashioned by him, usually from whatever components were available. Smiler's success with traps eventually earned him the job of Chief Architect of the Kingdom, his final post. But by then, the writing was on the wall and even as the Kingdom prepared for war and erected scattered outposts, Smiler directed his energies into making these lone towers filled with troops into death traps of a different sort: funneling the enemy into a single floor designed to murder via passage. Smiler's efforts earned him the moniker Gauntlet Ghost among the forces arrayed against the Kingdom. Each time an outpost was taken, men fell to these floors filled with traps, yet never was the trap-maker found, and seldom were the traps ever fully discovered. His last posting he erected a Gauntlet, finishing mere days after becoming besieged. In the fall that eventually occurred, Smiler and his apprentices were among the last to die, luring a group of soldiers and mages into a final conflagration that finally routed the human alliance from the structure, but killed the spiteful goblin and destroyed the top 2 floors of the tower completely and nearly toppled the rest. In response to this most hateful of goblins, Norgorber, the human god of poison, thievery, slaughter and secrets gifted the foul creature with un-life, along with his two favored apprentices. The trio spent the intervening 500 years rebuilding and re-arming the Gauntlet, keeping it and the stairs that approach it trapped and ready for visitors.
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              During the transition in power between Zozeg and Zig, a little-known battle raged between the last of the Consumer's forces and their lord and the allies and thralls of Zig, as well as the Drinker himself. This battle ended with Zig's traditional consumption of his predecessor, but only Zig departed the site of that last battle, with the head of Zozeg as proof of his cousin's demise.

              It was never known exactly where the battle was fought. And among the many goblin outposts and fortresses of the Kingdom, few ever weathered a change in power without internal conflicts that often gutted the garrisons and left areas unprotected. Goblin fecundity was reliable for refilling ranks, however, so these weakened states rarely lasted long. One negative of this was the loss of entire outposts and garrisons with no one the wiser. Depleted of troops and impossible to hold, or perhaps now ostensibly under the control of a new king the victors at the outpost don't care to follow, entire platoons of goblins might desert, leaving the site open to whomever came along to occupy it later. Few of these outposts were built by the goblins and amounted to little more than ruins themselves in most cases. The forest swallowed them all.

              Zig was rumored to be a vampire, but nothing was ever proven, at least not that scholars of today have found. But the rumors were indeed true. Vampiric minions, woven among the Consumer's generals soon after Zozeg ate Zagog the Devourer, waited for their master's signal, and pounced, gutting the ranks of Zozeg's loyalists. Fleeing his cousin's aggressive bid for power, Zozeg went to a royal Vault, an outpost used by the King to hold personal treasures, usually held by strongly loyalist followers. Zig and his retinue chased Zozeg there and penned him inside, where Zig's greatest assassin slaughtered much of the garrison before allowing Zig and his group entry.

              Zig, however, could not let the knowledge of his vampirism and vampire minions become common knowledge, so he bade his assassin do one last task. Zig turned on his own allies, leaving the outpost behind and sealing it magically. All save the assassin were now dead, and the assassin was sealed away for all time. Or so Zig believed.

              The assassin, a she-goblin, wasn't about to be locked up for eternity, but her love for Zig left her no choice. So, she made herself some friends to live with and while away the centuries. Several of Zig's followers were her 'friends' and she gave them the gift of unlife, not considering the lack of food available to sustain a single vampire, let alone a group. Within a year, all had fallen into torpor. There, hidden in the forest, is a silent tower. Filled with age-old vampires, crying out silently for one thing. Blood. Blood by the buckets. And should it ever come, they will try the seals that hold them inside. After centuries, will they still hold?
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