Dragonlance Forums Closing July 25th

Dear friends,

Nearly twenty years ago, the Dragonlance Forums were created to be an online hub of Dragonlance discussion. I have been very proud of the work we have done here.

All good things, though, must come to an end. There are several reasons....

a. No new posts in Novels since March. No new posts in gaming since May. In other words, next to no traffic.

b. Forums are a thing of the past, with a few exceptions (such as the Piazza!). People don't go somewhere looking for content. They want content to come to them.

c. The DL forums are a resource hog. I would have to get much more expensive hosting to keep them online, and that won't come cheap.

d. Maintenance. Honestly, vBulletin is a PITA. There's a major upgrade coming. I don't have the knowledge to tackle this. My son Travis does, but he's busy enough.

e. Currently, the forums are being hosted on a computer in my living room. This computer was at Travis' house, but he's trying to cut down expenses, so the computer came here to get the internet experience they need.

So while I would hate to see the forums go, I have come to realize that what I worked to create was really a community. That community has migrated over to Facebook to the Dragonlance Fandom group, and is something like 7,000 - 8,000 members strong.

With all of that being said, the Dragonlance Forums will close on Sunday, July 25th.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the moderators, authors, game designers, and contributors throughout the years.

And as Stan Lee would say...

"Face front, True Believers!"

Trampas Whiteman
Dragonlance Nexus
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Hoping for critique and review - I hope I'm in the correct place for this thread...

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  • Hoping for critique and review - I hope I'm in the correct place for this thread...

    Below is a brief write up I just did for an Aghar Righteous Cohort of Kiri-Jolith (3/3.5 rules). Hoping for the communities assist with anything that might be able to be improved or needs clarified.

    Rogue 3/Cleric of Kiri-Jolith 3/Righteous Cohort of Kiri-Jolith 1

    Brumble, sometimes called “Bumble” by those who stereotype, is a Gully Dwarf member of Kiri-Jolith’s church. He started out life as a thief trying to simply survive in and around Palanthus. One day he was accused of stealing from a vendor’s stand but was defended by a knight of Solamnia _X_X_X_X_ who apprehended the true thief. This knight was shocked by the eloquence Brumble displayed, he actually could count to 5 using one hand. Once the other hand got involved though it would again start at 1. The knight decided to take Brumble on as an errand boy and general servant. While this may have been beneath most Solamnic youth, Brumble was fine with it as he got “3 hots and a cot” but his hygene was not used to bathing more than once a month.
    As the war continued, Brumble displayed his acumen at anticipating his commander’s needs and soon was loaned to other progressive knights to assist them with their needs. He effectively became a quartermaster. Also during this time he turned from his thieving ways and began listening to the knights and their stories of the Knighthood deities. He was most enamored by Kiri-Jolith. This enlightenment turned him into a leypriest (heathen) as the Pantheon of Light had not yet returned to Krynn.
    Once Goldmoon and Elistan brought back the knowledge of the True Gods and their powers made manifest in the faithful again, Brumble became a true cleric of Kiri-Jolith. Shortly thereafter, his faith and training with the knights that would accept him caused him to become a Righteous Cohort of Kiri-Jolith. His normal duties were similar to a drummer boy but he doubled as a healer for the commands he was stationed with. His small stature allowed him to traverse the field of battle unimpeded normally.
    While Brumble is nothing like a typical Aghar Dwarf, he has found a place and is quite content with his current life.