Dragonlance Forums Closing July 25th

Dear friends,

Nearly twenty years ago, the Dragonlance Forums were created to be an online hub of Dragonlance discussion. I have been very proud of the work we have done here.

All good things, though, must come to an end. There are several reasons....

a. No new posts in Novels since March. No new posts in gaming since May. In other words, next to no traffic.

b. Forums are a thing of the past, with a few exceptions (such as the Piazza!). People don't go somewhere looking for content. They want content to come to them.

c. The DL forums are a resource hog. I would have to get much more expensive hosting to keep them online, and that won't come cheap.

d. Maintenance. Honestly, vBulletin is a PITA. There's a major upgrade coming. I don't have the knowledge to tackle this. My son Travis does, but he's busy enough.

e. Currently, the forums are being hosted on a computer in my living room. This computer was at Travis' house, but he's trying to cut down expenses, so the computer came here to get the internet experience they need.

So while I would hate to see the forums go, I have come to realize that what I worked to create was really a community. That community has migrated over to Facebook to the Dragonlance Fandom group, and is something like 7,000 - 8,000 members strong.

With all of that being said, the Dragonlance Forums will close on Sunday, July 25th.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the moderators, authors, game designers, and contributors throughout the years.

And as Stan Lee would say...

"Face front, True Believers!"

Trampas Whiteman
Dragonlance Nexus
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Podcast Archives Missing 7 Episodes- Please re-upload or share them?

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  • Podcast Archives Missing 7 Episodes- Please re-upload or share them?

    Hey Folks,
    I just joined the forums because I just found the podcast. I've downloaded the entire back catalog, and am working my way through them. But wait! There are 7 episodes missing! When I try to download them through iTunes, they claim to download instantly but nothing is actually downloaded. And when I try to download through the DragonLance Canticle website, the download link sends me to a page about hair removal in Japanese.

    Can the Canticle hosts re-upload these missing episodes? Can someone upload and share them? Please?
    The missing episodes are:
    Episode 0
    Episode 40- Death in Dragonlance
    Episode 41- Non-Evil Villains
    Episode 47- Modernizing Dragonlance
    Episode 48- Revisiting 4th Edition
    Episode 49- Psionics? 5th edition?
    Episode 50- Interview With Richard Knaak and Rebooting Dragonlance

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yikes! Sorry about that.

    I'll work on getting it fixed.
    Trampas Whiteman

    Long Live the Lance!

    "Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL Dragonlance Nexus!"
    -David "Big Mac" Shepheard


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      Originally posted by Dragonhelm View Post
      Yikes! Sorry about that.

      I'll work on getting it fixed.
      Thanks so much!


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        They're downloading now.
        Thanks so much!