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  • Welcome to the New Forums!

    Greetings, everyone, and welcome to the new forums!

    The Dragonlance Forums are now utilizing the latest version of vBulletin, offering new functionality and some nifty new themes. Unfortunately, the old theme was not compatible with the new forums.

    For now, I recommend the Black Red theme. I may play around with themes later on to make something that fits in with the rest of the site better.

    The new address is Please bookmark this. I will eventually set up to redirect here.

    There will probably be some structural changes coming soon too. More on that when we have info.

    I wanted to say thanks to all of you for your patience and loyalty. Also thanks to Shannon Appelcline for hosting the forums for so many years. Be sure to check out his Designers & Dragons series of history books on RPG history.

    Finally, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Trav (tjwmagic), who made this move possible. He did a great job and I couldn't be more proud.

    So with that, let's keep on talking Dragonlance.

    Long live the Lance!

    Trampas Whiteman
    Dragonlance Nexus
    Trampas Whiteman

    Long Live the Lance!

    "Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL Dragonlance Nexus!"
    -David "Big Mac" Shepheard

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    The Black Red theme does look nice.

    Thanks for all your efforts to preserve this place!
    Formerly Daos Soulstaff


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      Thanks for all the good work, Trampas and Trav!

      So I have a question. I had a bunch of links in my "Visitor Messages" on the old site. It was links to old posts which I would frequently reference. Those didn't port over, did they? Is there any way to recover them? Thanks.
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        Never mind... I found the visitor message!

        Now to update the links... no biggie!
        Michael FalconerDragonlance FAQDragonlance Product ListThe Matter of Theology by Jeff Grubb

        OSRIC (free PDF)


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          Interesting. There’s a kink or two, but looking good Trampas.
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            Great Job! It all looks good! Thanks for taking this on and saving all the old stuff: it still feels like home, only with a new coat of paint
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