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[AD&D] Variable Price Lists

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  • [AD&D] Variable Price Lists

    Here’s a little project I did. Takes a lot of the headache or potential headache out of all the currency exchange rates given in The Original Series. All you do is hand the players the applicable price list wherever they are, and they know just what they can buy with the money the have! Cake! Adds flavor and interest and depth!

    Price List – Seeker Lands
    Price List – Dragon Lands
    Price List – Solamnia
    Michael FalconerDragonlance FAQDragonlance Product ListThe Matter of Theology by Jeff Grubb

    OSRIC (free PDF)

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    Wow, looks very comprehensive. I'll probably make use of it in my 2E Dragonlance games.
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      Thanks! Glad to hear it might be of use to someone. Yeah, the OSRIC price list lies somewhere between 1e and 2e in comprehensiveness, and the 2e prices are somewhere higher than the Seeker Lands prices and lower than the Dragon Lands and Solamnic prices. So all in all it should hit the sweet spot. And I made sure to throw in the spyglass — a 2E favorite!
      Michael FalconerDragonlance FAQDragonlance Product ListThe Matter of Theology by Jeff Grubb

      OSRIC (free PDF)


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        For me, part of the fun of getting into gritty details like this is it helps you think things through in logic of the imaginary world.

        The concept of the medallion of faith (which is miraculously created upon the ordination of a true cleric) means you don’t have to buy a holy symbol. But let’s leave the holy symbol on the list, to help remind us that false religions are around (a nice bit of DL flavor), and because there might be other unforeseen reasons that knowing the value of such an item might be useful in a game, and because this might obliquely remind you about the medallion of faith. We will rename them to “religious” symbols, so as not to confuse the concept of “holy” (reserving that term for something actually divine and good).

        Which brings us to holy water. It is best not to introduce the idea of false holy water. And I don’t suppose there is anywhere on Krynn (during the “steel era,” anyway) where you can buy holy water (the PCs being essentially responsible for the reestablishment of the cult). PCs will therefore have to create holy water, if they want it. Some game groups might look on this as a nuisance, but maybe others will find it an excuse to dig into an evocative area of the rules that they perhaps never even thought about before, and a neat way to immerse themselves in the unique flavor of Krynn.
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        Michael FalconerDragonlance FAQDragonlance Product ListThe Matter of Theology by Jeff Grubb

        OSRIC (free PDF)