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Tyranny of Dragons Dragonlance Conversion Posted!

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  • D&D 5e Tyranny of Dragons Dragonlance Conversion Posted!

    Hey gang, the Nexus has posted a Dragonlance conversion of Tyranny of Dragons, penned by Ed Mekeel. Check it out!
    Are you a Dragonlance player or Dungeon Master clamoring for new material based on Krynn? Yes? Good, because that’s all of us who are playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition right now. I won’t complain about the lack of direct 5E Dragonlance content. We know! But what if I told… Read More
    Trampas Whiteman

    Long Live the Lance!

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    Pretty handy, as I'm currently running Tyranny of Dragons for Dragonlance at the moment.
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      Something I noticed in the Taladas page is that there appears to be a cut and paste error in the Organization Drill-Down section
      • The Paladins of Qu’uan are created specifically to replace the Order of the Gauntlet and are only specific to this document. You may replace or