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The Dragonlance Nexus Review of The Heroe's Feast

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  • The Dragonlance Nexus Review of The Heroe's Feast

    Hi folks.

    So I wrote a review of the book. Had to get my thoughts out.

    Here is a link to the review, which has links to the amazon if you want to buy the book.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the book, and to try out more recipes. I only had a change to do two, and I'm going to do more. I'd love of to share your thoughts.


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    Would kender even have recipes? A recipe is a set of instructions you follow, after all. I don't know what kender cuisine might look like, but I imagine it's probably pretty haphazard and random.

    Anyway, great review. I might look that book up myself. I've been trying to learn some new recipes anyway, might as well get nerdy about it.
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      Well, there were previous recipes in the other books, there's Kender Kiffles, (which is a reference item on Inn's menu). There's a punch drink, which was basically every kender haphazardly throwing whatever they like into the bowl. I think the spirit of kender cuisine is curiosity, and exploration of different foods to see if they go together. The more exotic the better.

      For example, every weekend morning my wife and I have a morning juice.

      1 Lemon (meyer)
      5 oranges (cara cara)
      2 oranges (navel)
      1 grapefruit.
      3 carrots,
      1 teaspoon flaxseed.
      1 teaspoon chia seed.

      add water until you have 32 oz of combined stuff, and pulverize is a gnome food process 2020 (or a Blendtec blender).


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        I got the cook book and think it's a good addition to my kitchen bookshelf. So far we've tried the Gnome Chili (Made w/ real Gnomes) and the Drow Steaks (portabella caps). The recipes are easy to read and follow, the layout is beautiful. I think they do a decent job of pulling for their various lands. I appreciated the quotes from various dragonlance books in the DL related recipes, and the Menu from the Inn was a great touch.


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          I managed to find a copy of this at Target today (the last one they had). It was even on sale (about 20% off), so bonus.

          I have so far only had a chance to glance over it. The halfling meals look especially good, but I hope to eventually try them all.
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